Fontana Forni Rosso 100RV (Red) Wood Fired Pizza Oven - 100RV

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Fontana Forni Rosso 100RV (Red) Wood Fired Pizza Oven - 100RV

The Rosso is the colored version of the GUSTO, Fontana's best selling unit, the original portable wood-fired oven. Many can be found in Italy to still be in use after 30 years of service. The Rosso is a heavy duty unit that is made of a combination of cast iron, steel, and stainless steel for years of dependable use. They are extremely practical and easy to use - equipped with an interior light and a convection fan.

The inside of the cooking chamber, with three large shelves, has additional side walls in refractory steel for even greater heat retention and more uniform heat diffusion. For a more complete cleaning, the walls can be completely removed.

Durable Italian Quality
Easy Setup and Portable
Cast Iron, Steel, and Stainless Steel Construction
Extremely Efficient
45 Min Preheat Time
Convection Fan and Interior Light
Thermometer and Timer
Interior Dimension
ROSSO 100RV - Depth 39", Width 20", Height 18"
Exterior Dimensions
ROSSO 100RV - Depth 56", Width 47", Height 64"
Weight: 990 lbs.

Minor assembly required.

The Company
Fontana has been manufacturing wood-fired ovens for over 30 years. As a dynamic and modern factory, with its range of external, internal and fitted models, Fontana ovens are able to satisfy any type of requirement and specific request, with professionalism and competence. Even the smallest details are designed to offer an elegant and refined look, high performances, maximum practicality and a quick, perfect, genuine, economy and ecological cooking.

The inner structure of the Fontana oven
The oven has been fabricated by using sheets metal made of steel, suitable for high temperature use. The oven cooking chamber, made of a special stainless steel, is separated from the combustion area by the following three layers:

• layer of steel
• impervious bricks
• impervious metal plate.

Such an internal configuration allows an equal amount of heat distribution inside the oven and prevents the formation of areas with different temperatures, which might prevent a homogeneous baking. The main body of the oven consisting of the combustion area and the cooking area, is covered in a layer of iron wool of an average depth of 80 mm.

This allows the constant maintenance of the oven, and avoids the excessive heating of the external steel of the oven as well as the outside, which would cause a reduction of the thermal performance with a consequential increase in the consumption of wood.

Fontana has employed high quality materials, the external covering is in electrozinced metal oven-painted ("classic" model ) or in stainless steel (steel model) the inner part of the cooking area and the chimney of each oven are in stainless steel.

Fontana Forni

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