Primo Round Kamado Charcoal Grill and Smoker - PR779B

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Primo Round Kamado Charcoal Grill and Smoker - PR779B

Perfect for Smoking, Grilling and Barbecuing. This traditional Large rounded shape Kamado style cooker will give you years of enjoyment and satisfaction for all your favorite recipes. The Primo Kamado has everything to satisfy the purist and anyone how enjoys the flavor of food cooked over a charcoal fire. The Primo Kamado is your path to enjoying the finest in outdoor cooking.

Unlike other charcoal grills, your Primo Kamado can be up and cooking within minutes, without the hassles of using nasty lighter fluids.With natural lump charcoal, and one of many simple non-toxic methods of lighting, you can be ready to cook in as little as 10 minutes.

Add your favorite wood chips or chunks for a genuine wood smoke flavor. Set your vents to maintain your desired temperature. . . from low/slow to red-hot for searing. . . from roasting to baking...and relax while you get ready for the best eating yet.

• 280 square inches of cooking surface, Charcoal Grill & Smoker
• Control Cooking Temps from 180 degrees F to over 700 degrees F
• Featuring Primo Certified Ceramic Technology
• Great efficiencies
• Optional Cooking Racks
• Manageable weight
• Slate Black Color (Porcelain Finish)
• Primo Tested ~ Ready to cook in 10 minutes
• Easy lift & lock lid operation
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Standard Features
• Slide Top Chimney (Cast Iron)
• Porcelain Cooking Grid
• Stainless Steel Bottom Draft Door
• Easy Lock Hinge System
• Thermometer
• Ceramic Feet

Made with Cyprus unfinished wood, this table can be ordered to fit your Oval or Kamado. You may stain to the color desired. Available with casters or without. (4 wheels 61"W - 25"D - 32"H)

Our Cradle fits the Oval or Kamado Grills and Smokers. The Cradle can accommodate a Stainless Steel or Wooden side tables. (4 casters / 2 locking)

Even though these grills are extremely efficient, you'll need to rake the ashes out of your grill from time to time. This is a needed tool.

Use the Primo Grill Lifter to safely and easily lift hot cooking grids to and from the grill.

The V-Racks allows you to smoke or grill your favorite food. This large porcelainized rack will hold large pieces of meat, chicken and turkey. Great for large pork loin or beef butt but better yet, turn it upside down and use the rack for delicious ribs!

Made out of durable, high quality ceramic and sold individually, these chicken and turkey sitters will give you more than the traditional "beer can" cooking method. Their hollow center allows you to fill them with beer, wine or apple juice. Simply add your spices and enjoy your poultry.

Try your hand at crispy pizzas, chewy cookies, fresh bread, and more with a Primo Pizza/Baking Stone. With this porcelain-glazed, ceramic stone, you can prepare professional-quality baked food in the comfort of your own backyard. The Oval Junior uses a 13" Diameter Stone.

Wireless receiver with LCD beeps and flashes when smoked meat temperature goes above your programmed temperature; Monitor smoking chamber temperature; Receiver beeps and flashes if smoking chamber temperature falls out of your programmed range; Count-Up & Count-Down timer; LCD of receiver has back light for use at night.
Receiver has belt clip and built in stand; Heat-resistant food probe wire can be inserted 6" into meat; Transmitter has removable wire stand that also becomes a hanger; Can be used with over and grill too; Special smoking chamber probe wire comes with a clip to attach to grill rack; 4 AAA batteries included.

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